Quality topsoil

When turfing your new lawn, should you require topsoil, we can provide any quantity needed, our 20 mm screened topsoil is the perfect solution.

Quality topsoil for a variety of purposes

If you require soil for raised beds, vegetable plots etc. ... our As Dug (unscreened topsoil) could be the option your looking for.
All of our soil is available to you has been tested and certified to BS 3882, if you require further information on request we can provide you with a copy of the analysis.
Quality topsoil
Are you looking for quality topsoil and turf suppliers in Devon or Cornwall?
Call Fine Turf in Newton Abbot on 01364 652 538
Red blended sand

We can provide a mixture of products to enhance or promote growth in your soil:

  • PAS 100 Organic green waste compost (locally sourced)
  • Sand/soil mix for topdressing, mixed to your personal specification e.g..(50% sand/50% soil) uses 5 mm screened topsoil
  • We can provide all the above products separately if required
  • 60 graded certified play sand 
  • Red blended sand (ideal for sand/soil mix)
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