Superior quality turf

Our family business was created in 1966, growing turf on our own fields in the beautiful Devon countryside, grown in fertile soil.

Our locally seeded turf is of:

  • Hard wearing quality, ideal for domestic and commercial use, to create the perfect lawn.
  • Disease resistance with cultivars using the latest technologies in seed production.
  • Our turf measures 1.5  x 0.4 mt. We work in m2 and can work out your measurements for you.

quality turf suppliers
Are you looking for quality turf suppliers in Devon or Cornwall?
Call Fine Turf in Newton Abbot on 01364 652 538
custom-ordered landscaping products

Get custom-ordered landscaping products

Our seed mix we have produced (personally) for us by the largest seed and science company in Europe, will give you a luscious garden lawn for many years.
Through our contacts nationally we can source all types of specialist turf at a competitive rate.  
For any other information regarding turf or advice please (call or email our office).

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